Alias Smith

Alias Smith is quickly becomming (for lack of a better term) the best ‘Party Band’ in Northern Nevada. All over the Reno/Sparks area, heartbeats are quickening, feet are stomping and glasses are being filled to the infectious grooves of the bands D.O.R music (Dance Oriented Music). Their delivery is hard and relentless, playing classic to contemporary rock. The Idea is to get people jumping outa their seats, shouting, “OH MY GOD, I LOVE THIS SONG!!”. That accomplishment is self evident of the packed dance floors thoughout Reno and Sparks. But you can’t talk about Alias Smith without the mention of the amazing Lori Smith. She is relentless in motion, delivers her vocals with every fiber of her soul, sexy but approachable, talented but humble and the cherry on the party cake that is “Alias Smith”.
Lori Smith (vocals):
Lori ran out of gas, oil and water in Carson City in a “borrowed” vehicle in 1985. Very young, she started meeting the people of Northern Nevada and knew this is where she wanted to plant her roots. Always wanting to sing, she really didn’t understand the power of her hidden talents until she met her best friend, Lisa Johnson, whom forced her to sing publically. Her first band, The Jokers Wild, stayed together for 3 years and helped Lori to grow with the industry. Since then, she has had the joy of playing with numerous great local talents and is learning how to better her performance with each player. Lori Smith adds structure, professionalism, raw talent, and exuberant energy to the band.
Chuck Wilbur (guitar, vocals):
The most recent addition the the Alias Smith Band, Chuck began his passion for music while recuperating from a teenage motorcycle accident. After a three week stay in a San Jose hospital, he came home to find his parents had purchased him a guitar to keep him occupied while he healed. After a few months of lessons he was on stage rocking in the high school battle of the bands (his band won). Flash forward thirty odd years, hundreds of gigs ranging from the roughest dives through out California and Nevada to the Sinatra Ballroom at Lake Tahoe and every where in between, Chuck’s reputation with the local clubs and his fellow musicians sparked interest when Alias Smith went looking for a guitar player. Chuck’s classic rock, blues and R&B stylings will be an exciting match up with the high energy dance and modern pop music Alias Smith is so well known for. A long time fan before he was a member, Chuck knows the material, the players and the people that come to dance the night away. He will honor the band’s tradition as well as foster a new and exciting direction for the future. Welcome Chuck. Lets get Rock’n!
Dominic Dimaggio (bass, vocals):
Born in Detroit, Michigan and Raised on Beatles and Mowtown, Dominic moved to Sparks in 1972 where he started playing the club and casino circuit in 1976. He later Moved to San Fransisco with Reno bandmates ‘The Verbs’ actively playing in the bay area for 4 years. From there it was on to Seattle For 3, Los Angeles for 8 and San Diego for 14 years. He eventually made his way back to Sparks in 2009 where he hooked up with Alias Smith. In all this time he has shared the stage with the likes of Joe Satriani, Chris Issak, Iggy Pop, The Phycadelic Furs, Andy Prieboy and Eric Clapton. “If you are any good and you stay in the business long enough, you will meet and play with the best”. To Alias Smith, Dominic brings professionalism, presence and one “bad ass bass”.
Larry Jobe (keys):
Larry began his love of music in school by testing the waters with multiple instruments eventually choosing keyboards as his passion. A solid addition for bringing the message of music to our fans. He was influenced by such artists as Keith Emerson and Rick Wakeman. Larry busted his keyboard chops in the greater LA band scene with such bands as J-Train, No Limit Band, and Abraxas, playing all over the Inland Empire and the LA basin. Larry plays Korg and Hammond keyboards.
John Goodlife (drums, vocals):
John has played extensivley in the Reno area. Some of his credits include touring with B.B. King and playing with Chuck Berry. He was also with the band Chaos Theory which opened up for the Stone Temple Pilots. He has worked with producer Geoff Workman (Queen, engineered Court of the Crimson King) and was the staff drummer for Garibou Studios. John brings a hard driving and rock steady rhythm to the band.

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