Three Points of Madness

Three Points of MadnessThree Points of Madness is a force to be reckoned with, the raw rock sound that the band creates hearkens back to the nascent days of classic rock, as well as to the metal hey days, while still appealing to modern listeners. By sticking to a classic song-writing approach, using vintage as well as modern guitar sounds and effects, and then adding 8, 9 and 12 string bass to the mix; the band creates its own unique brand of music. With Lyrics that come deep from within the soul, and music that is heart-opening and, passionateUS Mediation about loss, redemption, and the madness in our cities and towns, the band paints shades of darkness while bringing out the light of perseverance and hope. Three Points of Madness brings energy, passion and dedication to the mix, from the studio and then to the stage with their live performances and has something for everyone who is a fan of rock in all of its forms. So come, enjoy…. the Three Points of Madness!

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