The Extraordinary Rendition Band

The Extraordinary Rendition Band (ERB) is a proudly diverse group of activist musicians based in Providence, Rhode Island that specializes in creating spontaneous moments of raucous musical joy.
Our eclectic repertoire combines beauty, noise, and heart in equal parts. ERB appears in the streets and in public spaces at scheduled performances, protests, and benefits—but we also show up when you least expect us.
We believe that music has the power to create positive change. We work and play to build community and share our love of music with each other and our audiences. Celebrating the heritage and joy of brass, drum, marching, and roving band shows and their rich, diverse history of styles, influences, cultures, and purposes, we strive to play songs that celebrate those histories, all the while having a great time playing together and with our audience.
ERB is committed to social justice and deeply engaged in building a strong, inclusive, and joyous community. We play at events ranging from massive political demonstrations to small neighborhood parades, from citywide street festivals to local school celebrations. It is our belief that music brings energy, strength, and healing to struggles for collective liberation, and we challenge inequality, domination, and oppression. We play free, guerrilla-style, and in the streets whenever possible and try to uplift our community and make the experience of saving the world a bit more fun.

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