Stumbling Murphy

Lisa Finneran, Ron Racine, Joe Murphy and Steve Hachadorian. Rhode Island based Stumbling Murphy was formed over 5 years ago and has been going strong ever since. Bassist Joe Murphy and guitarist Ron Racine have played in local cover bands together for many years. They joined forces with accomplished percussionist Steve “Stix” Hachadorian and singer Lisa Finneran to form Stumbling Murphy. Stumbling Murphy is Rhode Island’s most diverse rock/cover band, and has become one of the best working rock/country/pop cover bands in Rhode Island. Stumbling Murphy plays music from a wide spectrum of artists and genres including Lucinda Williams, Miranda Lambert, Neil Young, Pink, Tom Petty, the White Stripes, Led Zeppelin, the Black Keys, as well as many more. The band likes to have fun, doesn’t take itself too seriously, but prides itself on delivering great music and a good time.
Lisa Finneran
Lisa Finneran started her musical career in Southern California where she was born and raised. She was in her late teens when she was a lead singer in the band “Canadian Bacon” and “Fuschia.” She moved to Newport, Rhode Island where she was the lead singer in “Fairgame.” She then had a 12 year partnership with Scott Krous in the duo “Scott and Lisa.” They played local hotels, bars and restaurants around Newport. Lisa took some time out to raise a family. She then joined “Code Red” in 2011. She has been a perfect fit with “Stumbling Murphy” as her family and friends can attest to the fact that she is incredibly accident prone.
Ron Racine
Ron Racine has been playing guitar since the mid 1980’s in bands including “The No Names,” “Purple Rain,” and “The Tim Conley Band,” as well as the ill-fated and short-lived Mike Monast Project.” In the early 1990’s he took a break from the band scene to play solo acoustic guitar, he joined forces with the legendary but infamously clumsy Joe Murphy in “The Knowing” when they were recruiting a guitar player. Ron is currently enjoying playing with (and harassing) his current band-mates in Stumbling Murphy.
Joe Murphy
Joe Murphy starting playing bass while in his 20’s. Back then, he played with “Things Going Wrong, People Getting Hurt.” (an all originals band that played the Living Room/Cage/Babyhead circuit.) When they dissolved, he took a little band hiatus. He has gigged with other bands since then, including “Two Four Minnesota”, “Tremendous Slouch,” and “The Knowing.” However, though he lost the vote to name the band when Stumbling Murphy was formed. However, he feels it fits because frankly, he trips.
Steve Hachadorian
Steve Hachadorian picked up the drums in his mid-40’s. His family grown, and needing a hobby, Steve started building his kit. Making up for lost time, he played every chance he got. The last several years Steve has sat in as backup drummer for popular local band “Jury,” and would like to thank his Jury friends, Judy, Sherry, Bongo Bob and Sugarbear for their generosity and support. Though Steve doesn’t sing with Stumbling Murphy, he can still be heard saying — “I LOVE THIS BAND!”

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