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Maxwell Van Pelt (b. 1989, Boulder, Colorado) is a painter, sculptor, and installation artist currently based in Providence, RI. Max graduated Summa Cum Laude from Dartmouth College in 2011, where he studied Studio Art with a concentration in Achitecture. His Honors Thesis – in sculpture and drawing – was awarded the Jonathan B. Rintels Prize for the outstanding undergraduate thesis in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Shortly afterwards he spent a post-graduate year as an Intern and Special Instructor for the Department of Studio Art at Dartmouth.
Prior to discovering his artistic intentions, Max was an archer – a thirteen-time US national champion and athlete on the United States Junior World Team. He derives additional passion from exploring his surroundings as an experienced whitewater kayaker and avid mountain bicyclist.
uing from observation, my practice utilizes abstraction to realize meaning through the acts and processes of making. My curiosity lies in how sometimes, by means of implicit logic and little more, a set of unfolding relationships can lead eye and heart towards a final form – a vital remnant of attention and intention, of time, place, person, and culture.
The resulting works are optimistic, places where divergent attitudes, appearances, and forces have a tendency to converge and resolve within the necessities of their cohabitation. The participation of a viewer allows these visual expressions to move from ambiguous to something specific and personal – the production richest in its potential not just to represent ideas, but to evoke them with frequency: regularly, and in appropriate tones.
As I respond to these inquiries, I have been making intricate sculptures, exuberant paintings, and hybrid installations that navigate the geometries of architectural, environmental, and emotional space together with the arising inscapes of my imagination. Each piece is a deliberate act of drawing, marking the transition from nascent ideas that exist in the mind towards those that exist in sympathetic resonance with their surrounding spaces. MVP 010116

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