Margaret Owen

Margaret OwenI am Margaret Owen, an artist living in Providence, RI. I grapple with a wide variety of subject matter in oil paint and watercolor, working in the studio and on-the-spot, just about anywhere. I received an MFA from the New York Academy of Art with a concentration in painting and have spent most of my artistic life working in oil in the studio. In 2011 I began using watercolor for its portability. Since then watercolor sketching has become a vital part of my art-making practice, allowing me to connect with my creativity and with other artists on a daily basis. This daily connection animates my studio practice. In 2009 I began teaching painting and drawing in group settings and privately. Collaboration with other artists of all experience levels, from brand-new to professional, immediately became a well-spring of inspiration and comfort. I now enjoy a combination of making and teaching art with a focus on drawing and painting.

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