Kendall Pavan

My history is in fine art and black and white film. I started taking photographs in high school with my Mom’s camera and haven’t stopped. I achieved a BFA in Photography + Design, studying in Massachusetts and Florence, Italy. After graduation I found my passion in photographing people and documenting the candid moments of life. I’ve been photographing weddings and portraits ever since, crazy to think it’s been over 10 years now! Wedding coverage, for me, is more than just making beautiful portraits and archival family photos. I also want to capture the magic of your day. I want to show the little details. I want to document the momentum as well as the electricity in the air. I live for that perfect moment that tells your story. It’s in those lingering glances between you and your partner, or in the sweet smiles that capture your true elation. With every photo I aim to show these connections and moments that combine to make the whole memory, so you can relive it forever. I am also available for family photographs or any other documentation of relationships. My style is relaxed and natural. I aim to make everyone comfortable so that the camera disappears. I love the whole experience. Tell me your story, I bet I want to photograph it. Currently I live in Rhode Island and have roots in Colorado, Maine + Massachusetts. Please feel free to contact me if you’re having your wedding in New England, Colorado or anywhere in between!

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