Justin Marra

Justin began playing guitar at the age of 15 in Rhode Island, but has since added a plethora of instruments to his arsenal. Always in pursuit of stories and songs, his adventures have taken him up and down the east coast, to the southwest, the tops of mountains, and to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Spending the better part of the last decade teaching high school history, Marra became a staple of the Central Massachusetts music scene, playing alongside area acts like Matt Hopewell, Greg McKillop, and as original guitarist of The Roadkill Orchestra. Along the way, Justin has shared the stage with some notable talents such as Howie Day, Bow Thayer, Peter Prince, Kevin Williams, Shannon Corey, and Roz Raskin (The Rice Cakes). His collaboration with Allan Furtado and Brian Decoteaux (Candice Brooks Band) on his original song “Second Time Around” led to the formation of Survivors of The Kraken, a solid Bluesy Jam-Rock power trio.
“I’ve been fortunate to collaborate both on stage, and in the studio with artists who’ve become friends and friends who’ve become artists,” says Justin. “The best songs are the ones that ground you to the people and events that come to define you.” Lost In Petrichor is chock full of the songs that “ground you.” Tracks like “Seven Years,” which chronicles the twists, turns, and characters life has thrown at Justin since his folky sophomore release Muse, delight and feel authentic. On “A Little Bit Out Of Place,” Justin offers an imagery-rich barrage of lyrics, conjuring visions of rotary telephones and pocket-watches, while highlighting the disconnectedness of the hyper-connected world where “the ghosts of faces we used to know” seem to haunt us. Returning to his passion of sharing his music after an extended hiatus Justin can be found playing out in support of Lost In Petrichor.

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