Briana White

Briana White is a 26 year old Singer/Songwriter from Providence, RI whose passion for connecting to people through her music has taken her all over the country. From Chicago, to New York, to Maryland, and throughout New England. A lyricist as well as a musician, Briana hopes that her audience can identify with and relate to the stories behind her songs. Her style ranges from soft-spoken acoustic pop to rock-driven anthems. In 2012, Briana attended Berklee College of Music where she studied to become a professional musician. In 2013, guitar in hand, she set off for Chicago. Since then, she has played numerous venues and events in Chicago, including the Kollaboration Chicago Asian-American talent competition where she placed third and has performed throughout New England. Briana now lives at home in Providence, RI where she continues to pursue her music and plans to release a record by the Summer of 2018.

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