Tracy Broyles

Tracy BroylesTracy Broyles is a Portland-based dancer, choreographer, movement instructor, and Core Energetics Counselor, that has been active in the community since 2000. As a choreographer, she is interested accessing and embodying the psyche as well as the greater mysteries that lie beyond it. She is intrigued by collective, archetypal stories and the way body and nature mimic and align together. Her work has been performed in Baltimore, San Francisco, Oakland, New York and Seattle, as well as Portland, where she has created seven evening-length pieces to date. Tracy’s has received support from RACC, the MRG Foundation, and individual donors; and residencies with Signal Fire, Caldera, Studio Two, Water in the Desert.
She attended Deborah Hay’s Solo Commissioning Project in 2010 and is now a keeper of Art and Life. Tracy became a certified Core Energetics Therapist in 2016, graduating from a three-year intensive program under Ken Goldberg. She received her Pilates certification in 2003 under Shelley Stephenson and the PhysicalMind Institute. She holds a BA in Dance from University of Maryland Baltimore County. Our bodies are a matrix of energy which includes our emotions, beliefs, and intentions. We empty and we fill. We express, love, create, withhold, destroy. We are cyclical and mysterious. We areTracy Broyles connected to the world. We learn to hold or release our breath, body, and awareness based on what is needed for survival.
Often a movement, impulse, thought or emotion gets trapped in the physical body, over time creating discomfort, pain or illness. Through movement and awareness, we can access freedom, strength and a balanced energy system. The body is a gateway to transformation. Everything is energy, your breath, your blood, your thoughts, your noticing, your movement. Pain in one system also lives within other systems. All systems entwined. Energy follows consciousness, our everything follows our awareness, what we choose to give life to. Dance is at the core of everything she does. It has taught her and shaped her for over 30 years. She fully credits her constant engagement with dance and performance with her teaching as well as healing skills.
Dance is a mystery, embodiment, and transformation. It gives a platform for communication on a level alternative to words, with groups of people, nature, Woodbridgecommunity. She loves the whole creative process, the following and honoring that occurs, the hard lessons and the pleasure. Now, whenever she choreographs, performs, teaches, or works with clients, she is in constant conversation with the energy and nature of the work, the spirit that is being shaped or shared. She does her best to get out of her own way, to surrender. Her passion is this- the discovery, support and unwinding, and movement towards the best of the body, the dance, the spirit, the psyche, the mystery, connection, the earth, each other.

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