The Hugs

The HugsA high-energy indie garage-pop band that sounds like what you’d get if Brit-pop and the Pacific Northwest made sweet, dirty love. If Brit-pop and the Pacific Northwest made sweet, dirty love, you’d get The Hugs. Their angst-ridden, get-up-and-dance sound is cut with a dose of nostalgic indie and garage rock that only comes as a product of slightly off-centered creative types and too many consecutive days of rain.
Based out of Portland, OR, this spunky trio unleashes their catchy hooks andThe Hugs off-the-wall energy in every live performance— smiling, dancing, and getting down with their sound is a given. Whether they’re opening for bands like The Kooks or The Dandy Warhols or headlining house shows, fans love The Hugs for their British Invasion-esque rebelliousness and psychedelic pop roots.

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