Shaunti Fera


Shaunti Fera is a performer and enthusiast of Egyptian Raks Sharki, also known as Belly Dance! Shaunti has been a professional dance performer for over 12 years. She has delighted audiences at over 100 weddings. She has performed with several professional dance companies and has had the pleasure of dancing under the direction of Laura Crawford, Kamala Almanzar, Zahra Zuhair, Adam Basma, and Aubre Hill. From 2008-2017, she was co-director of Sababa Dance Co. alongside her dance partner Nar.Shaunti currently performs bellydance shows in Portland, OR and the surrounding area. As an experienced bellydance soloist, Shaunti Fera will captivate your guests at your next special occasion. Her shows are upbeat, playful, lighthearted, and appropriate for all ages. Shaunti’s performances are packed full of a variety of music styles, costumes, and props. Each show is customized to fit the occasion. Call today and let Shaunti Fera entertain you.Shaunti first began dancing as a little girl, studying ballet, jazz, and tap. When she was a teenager, she began studying Egyptian dance with her first bellydance teacher Sakti Rinek of Taos, NM. Sakti had danced professionally in Egypt, Germany, and Switzerland for several years. She taught Shaunti the style and flavor of both Egyptian oriental dance and the Gawazee dancers of Upper Egypt. Thank you Sakti Rinek!

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