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Sasha BeldenBorn and raised in Oregon, Sasha has been performing since age five. Her passion for all music took her to the University of Denver where she earned a Bachelors of Music with distinction in Commercial Music and Jazz. While in Colorado, Sasha was a familiar face at Dazzle Jazz Club; worked professionally as a choir section and worship leader and soloist in several congregations; private vocal lesson instructor; counselor at Rocky Mountain Vocal Jazz Camp; and a mezzo-soprano in chorus for the Central CitySasha Belden Opera Summer Series.
Returning to Oregon, Sasha writes and composes her own music, while wrapping up her first EP at The Castle House in Lebanon, Oregon. Her multi-dimensional sound allows her to merge in and out of many genres. She is thrilled to bring her enthusiasm and love for many styles of music to her collaborations. Projects include Eastern Chronicle “Radio Mumbai” with Deane Ogden; Brian House, Puddin’ River Bands, 2nd Time Thru, Rose City Rhythm Guild, Electric Soul & the Chill and finally her signature band, Pine Street Junction near Portland, Oregon.

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