Influenced as much by her hometown on the Oregon coast as her yearly surf trips to the North Shore of Oahu, owner and designer Sahlia Michelle (pronounced sa-lee-ah) creates her namesake jewelry line with an inventive mind and an eye for style, design and wearability. Special attention is given to even the smallest detail on all pieces. Raw semi-precious gemstones, hand-pounded sterling silver & her signature molten silver droplets are the core elements of the collection. These are combined with organic materials such as naturally shed antler slices, hand-dyed feathers, and authentic stingray skin, resulting in jewelry that’s as edgy as it is timeless. Sahlia and a small team of skilled metal-smiths create each piece by hand in her Portland, Oregon studio. Every piece is special, different and created with the highest standards of craftsmanship in mind from concept to completion. The unique finishes and patinas are all done by hand and will grow more beautiful with wear over time. We believe in quality and are dedicated to the use of sustainable practices, taking into consideration all steps of the jewelry-making process, from concept to finished piece. All materials are purchased locally, reused and recycled whenever possible, always from environmentally and socially responsible sources.

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