Libby Carruth

Libby CarruthLibby Carruth relocated to Portland in 2003 after receiving her BFA from the Columbus College of Art & Design in her home state of Ohio. Formally trained as an illustrator, and raised in the home of a sculptor, Libby has always been interested in both 2D and sculptural methods. She approaches her work with a focus on composition and expression, and believes that an understanding of both sculpture and drawing is invaluable to an artist. Libby has illustrated over a dozen children’s books and has sculpted monuments and miniatures with, and on behalf of, many renowned artists. She enjoys the variety of a wide array of projects and has no intention of narrowing her focus to any one style or medium. Libby is a proud mother, an obsessive gardener, and an avid motorcycle enthusiast.

In the summer of 2013, I designed a mural that was painted onto the street at a large, unattractive intersection in Portland, OR. Members of the community came out, paint brushes in hand, eager to help create Portland’s largest street painting. I’d spent the previous afternoon chalking out the design, with a gridded drawing as reference, and on painting day, I served up the colors I hand-mixed on the spot, using five basic colors of traffic paint. It was an amazing experience to see so many people help turn what had Libby Carruthpreviously been a neighborhood eyesore into a colorful, whimsical work of art for all to enjoy. The design concept was a representation of the four seasons, arranged concentrically. Spring is in the center, summer outside of that, then fall, and finally winter snowflakes around the perimeter. The painting remains, tho it has faded and worn away some. At the intersection of N. Holland st. and N. 8th st. it is visible via google maps satellite feature.

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