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Laurene HowellWelcome to the Glass Gallery. I would like to share some of my images of my glass creations. Please browse Glass Landscapes under the Glass Gallery Tab to see more images like this one. My glass studio is also located in the same building as Wandering Mind Glass Gallery. I have a photo studio tour under Behind the Scenes. I am located at 3737 SE 21st Avenue in Portland, Oregon. Please give me a call at 503-238-4319 if you would like to come by. I am frequently on the premises and would be happy to open if you give me a call. I have posted a map under Glass Gallery Location.
I share my space with fellow glass artist JoAnn Wellner. JoAnn also has work at Sequoia Gallery in downtown Hillsboro. I am open for specific shows and by appointment. Thank you everyone who came by for the October Portland Open Studios. I have created more than 15 new landscapes and hope to post photos to this website soon. I will post any future shows here. As an artist I am interested in creating the landscape in multilayered fused glass. This subject matter interests me because it allows me to get lost in the image I am Laurene Howell creating. I take the time to let the image influence me to use and experiment with glass techniques that will achieve depth and enhance a 3- dimensional image.
In my work I explore the translucency of glass by layering transparent colors over one another to achieve a more complicated vibrancy. I also incorporate opaque glass to allow the viewer to appreciate the level of depth in the landscape. With these works I invite the viewer into the final landscape. The hope is that the viewer will look down a path or around a distant corner and appreciate the beauty and tranquility captured in the luminescent image.

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