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Ky BurtKy Burt recently released his debut studio EP, ‘The Moon and The Sea’, in October of 2016 in which he is backed by a stellar cast of Pacific Northwest musicians. A multi-instrumentalist (acoustic and electric guitar, five-string banjo) with influences spanning from old-time and bluegrass to indie rock and avant-garde folk , Burt pulls inspiration from a wide vocabulary of American root forms to create a sound full of stunning imagery and melodic depth.
In 2015, Burt traveled over 15,000 miles in his 1987 Toyota Van ‘Huckleberry’, playing numerous live shows across the Western United States both for fans as well as for the homeless, elderly, and youth. The avant-garde folk and Americana scene of Portland, Oregon, has become his home base for recording, writing, and collaborating after being drawn there by fellow touring artists whom he met on the road.Ky Burt
Born in the American midwest to a long ancestry of craftsman, farmers, writers, and tinkerers, Burt has been seeding his own unique craft through the art of song. His lyrics tell a story of miles traveled, landscapes gone by, lovers won and lost, and the search for a sense of place in an ever increasingly complex world. Time spent living in different regions of the U.S. (Appalachia, Northeast, Midwest, Southwest, and Pacific Northwest) has deeply informed his songwriting, exposing Burt to numerous local and regional musical acts, allowing him to develop an engaging, dynamic, and diverse musical performance for a wide range of audiences. Music has been the well-traveled suitcase he carries on his journeys.
Tradition. Ancestry. Roots. Maybe this is what drew Burt to also study the natural world. Ky BurtA environmental scientist and educator by training, Burt has found inspiration in helping to restore and protect the environment for future generations. While living in Flagstaff, Arizona, working on conservation issues, and moonlighting on music, he was voted 2014 ‘Break-Out Artist of the Year’ in the AZ Daily Sun. A life changing decision, Burt decided to hit the road full-time in 2015 to tour after words of encouragement from fans and old bandmates.

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