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Kristi & Anna-LisaChoosing your photographer is a big decision! You’re letting someone in to your life in what can sometimes be a very intimate way. We love to get to know our clients, and we make time for you to get to know us! Working with us is like making a new friend. We have been friends since freshman year of college at Willamette University when we lived down the hall from one another in the same dorm! We ran in different circles in college days, but life interwove our paths together here and there, and we became very close friends when we both moved to the Portland area became moms. We originally embraced photography as a way to capture our children’s lives, but we both found we were passionate story tellers and loved to be able to capture others’ milestones as well.
I have had a love-affair with photography since I was little. I used to pick up Life Magazine in the grocery stores and imagine capturing those same types of emotional images during my every day. Since I’ve had two incredible children, I do my best to pick up my camera and document our lives together! Everything from those thrown together, mac-and-cheese-style, loud, messy family dinners to posed first-day-of-school photos. IKristi & Anna-Lisa love capturing it all! And I love capturing those equally incredible, everyday moments for our clients as well.
I love taking photos. I am constantly working to more accurately capture the beauty that I see all day, every day. My goal is to be able to capture on the screen and in print what everything the is gorgeous that I see through my view finder. I truly delved into portrait photography with the birth of my first daughter. I just wanted to capture all of the beautiful and awesome moments in her life, and then with her and her sister. I find joy in catching the affection and love people have for each other, the joy and curiosity of children, and the beauty in each individual.

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