Julie Cooper

Julie CooperI’m a persistent perfectionist, with a passion for adorning people with wearable art. I wrap everything around me into my design – my friends, environment, textures and patterns I am exposed to. When I am inspired to create a new jewelry collection, I sketch it to preserve the idea, however the finished product is often times completely different, as the idea evolves. Critical to that evolution is developing texture, balance and flow. It’s one thing to wear a thing of beauty – it’s another to also feel it. During the creation process,Julie Cooper I think about whom it will find. It’s serendipity – from my fire, to your body – I become a part of you. It’s like I’m making that piece of jewelry for that one person. And the right piece always finds the right person. All women are beautiful and I make jewelry to enhance that. Women create their own style, their own fashion statement and set themselves apart from the ordinary. I express myself through my hands and my gratification is the reaction they have when they lay their eyes on something I have created. This is who I am.

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