John Vance

Hotel Amar

John VanceJohn Vance is a muralist / painter / illustrator and art teacher. John graduated with a BFA from Parsons School of Design in 2004. He uses his own photographs collaged together with movie stills and found images as inspiration for his paintings, with which he aims to encapsulate fleeting moments and memories into permanent tangible image objects. Fascinated with bright colors and lines, he invites the observer to move from focal point toJohn Vance abstract and back again, riding the line between realism and abstraction.
His illustrations tend to be more humorous and are influenced by comics and graphic novels. John sees his art, including his evolution as an artist, as a work in progress. In addition to producing murals, painting and illustrating, he teaches youth art classes, including – the Portland Child Art Studio in northwest Portland, Oregon, Pacific Northwest College of Art in northwest Portland, and Skyline Middle School also in northwest Portland.

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