Gabriel Henriques

Gabriel HenriquesGabriel Henriques is a versatile performer specializing in Jazz, Lounge, and Classical Music. Gabriel Henriques has a gift for singing across a wide range of genres. His rich baritone voice and ability to integrate and blend into any style of music has allowed him to perform in a variety of musical settings. He received his training from the Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins as a classical opera singer, but continues to expand his vocal reach throughGabriel Henriques the mediums of Jazz, Lounge, and Americana music. His work as a live singer and studio artist has made him a great collaborator and fully seasoned musician. Gabriel has lived in Portland for the past seven years and has worked with numerous artists, primarily as a jazz/lounge singer for private events and weddings. He has also worked as a studio musician for The Catholic Press. He enjoys all genres of music which has led him to work with many of the amazingly talented musicians who call Portland their home.

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