Debra Wilde

Debra WildeDebra Wilde has worked as a designer and color consultant since 1988. In 2001, she was recognized by Architectural Digest magazine as “one of the Outstanding Interior Designers in Oregon.” Debra is an accredited color consultant through the International Association of Color Consultants / Designers and holds a BA from Southern Illinois University, with a specialized major in the Integrated Arts. She is passionate about the functional and artistic application ofDebra Wilde color in the architectural environment and approaches all projects from this perspective.
Projects include design for residential, commercial, healthcare, and educational environments throughout the Pacific Northwest, the Midwest, as well as Honduras. Clients have included the University of Oregon, The Northwest Christian College, Bowen Property Management, Romania Development, Intel, Best HQ, NWR Construction, David Fuentes Construction and numerous residential customers. Debra developed the Core Color Plan, which is a unique design tool used to gauge personalized response to color. Debra is also an avid painter and fine artist.

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