Craig Boretz

Craig BoretzAt CraigBStudios, Craig Boretz continues with the tradition of original American avant-garde painters, by sharing brilliant and often emotionally moving abstract expressionism pieces. Abstract expressionist Craig Boretz uses color, form and movement to describe emotions with passionate creativity in the spirit of de Kooning, Pollack, Kline and Rothko. His perspective is simple, contrast and contradiction equals harmony. He sees things for their beauty and keeps the elements straightforward and direct with color and texture as the central themes. His work exudes random and spontaneous movements that flow dynamically and elaborate themselves. He finds that unexpected color combinations make unique friendships among the chaos.
A “third thing” is created with interpretation left to one’s own eye. Form without boundaries his workCraig Boretz screams softly to “look at me”. His ideas come from the first two color selections and then with texture, tone and many subtle adjustments. Extensions of the abstract take hold as the work begins to morph steadily towards it unique expressive and playful finish. Working since 2011 his acrylic on canvas paintings have proliferated seeking to extend their reach beyond the most standard expressionist form and to include cool and sometimes sensual moods. Craig will lose himself in the early morning hours as he maintains the effort to keep the colors pure but intertwined. Each piece represents a unique expression of emotion. Some are completely subtle and soft and others are wildly explosive. It is very interesting to watch the evolution of this work moving from simple geometric efforts to a more complex nonrepresentational but understandable forms. A life-long collector of art, Craig launched his artistic skills from his base understanding and the intuitive nature of the paintings he’s collected over Talent Mag Addecades. Craig has family roots from NYC and was born on the East Coast however he was mainly raised in the warm coastal areas of Southern California. Craig was an accomplished young actor, surfer and athlete. A bigger vision took him to Eugene Oregon for a stint in business school which developed into an accomplished business career allowing him time to exercise his right brain and explore his full self. Craig responded to an inner calling and necessity – the urge to create and express the emotions of his soul. He paints extensively at his artist’s studio in NW Portland and is wildly prolific.

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