Claire Green

Claire GreenClaire Green is a jewelry designer and maker, originally from upstate New York and now living and working in Portland, Oregon. She’s been creating with metal for over 10 years and is continuously discovering more to love about the craft. After attending RIT’s School for American Crafts, Claire worked as a goldsmith for two years before developing her own line in 2012. Currently, Claire works out of her riverside studio in NE Portland designing seasonal collections and occasionally, custom fine jewelry. As our world becomes increasingly mechanized, we believe there has never been a better time to support artists, traditional craftswomen and men, and small businesses of allClaire Green kinds. When you purchase a piece of jewelry from Claire Green you can do so knowing that we’ve taken great care throughout the entire creation process, from design and meticulous hand fabrication to thoughtful presentation and packaging. We draw deep inspiration from our natural world and are constantly seeking ways to cut down on consumption and reduce waste. We source recycled sterling silver, bronze and gold whenever possible and ship all of our pieces in US made 100% recycled packaging.

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