Ben Coffman

My name is Ben Coffman, and I’m a photographer living in Portland, Oregon. My photography journey has been both nonlinear and nontraditional, full of fits and restarts, with the latest chapter coinciding with my return to the Pacific Northwest in 2010.Inspired by Oregon’s verdant beauty, its varied landscapes, and its starry skies, these photos are documents of my new reality. Stargaze with me at Crater Lake, explore Portland’s rain-washed back alleys, or watch as the clouds streak overhead in the windy Columbia River Gorge.Much of my photography details the collision between the natural and man-made worlds. You’ll see tiny lights pulsing against the encroaching darkness of a mysterious and sometimes malignant universe. Deep shadows tug at the crumbling remains of old farmsteads and cars, shipwrecks and pilings. Popular postcard destinations take on a strange new meaning at night, when crowds ebb, shadows form, and the sky becomes sprinkled with stars.This is my invitation to you: Take a deep breath. Let the darkness close around you. Together we can float, eyes skyward. Let’s not concern ourselves with the unknown hiding in the shadows, out of the reach of our eyes and my camera. There’s no need for a flashlight here. We’ll just calmly wait for our eyes to adjust.

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