AnandiThe daughter of two professional musicians, Anandi began her career as a singer-songwriter, recording three albums of original songs. Her funk-rock tune “Enough of You” has received more than 3 million hits on YouTube and other songs have been used on television spots and in commercials. In the early 2000’s Anandi made a decision to turn from the Americana style to jazz. With a reverence for the great jazz singers of the past, such as Sarah Vaughn and Carmen McRae, she set out to sing the more challenging melodies and moods of jazz standards. In doing so she has gathered around her some of the best of Portland’s jazz musicians such as pianist Randy Porter and guitarist John Stowell. Over the years Anandi has established a strong following in Portland, singing at the Rose Festival, appearing twice at the PDX Jazz Festival, appearing at Jimmy Mak’s and the Heathman Hotel, and producing her bi-annual concert at Classic Pianos.
Anandi’s longtime study of Buddhism and meditation (she herself a meditation teacher Anandiand proprietor of Karuna Contemplative Living) has made a mark on her music. Never speedy or frantic, she takes her time and draws you into her world. Listening to Anandi sing leaves you with a calm and open feeling, a sense of appreciation for every note. In addition to her beautiful renditions of jazz classics and provocative arrangements of well known pop tunes, Anandi often includes her original music when she performs. Check out her take on the classic “Unchained Melody” on itunes. Anandi’s sixth album (and third jazz recording) features Mike Horsfall on piano, Dave Captein on bass and Charlie Doggett on drums. She also performs regularly with guitarist Chris Woitach, guitarist Dan Balmer, singer Melanie Roy and pianist Jasnam Daya Singh (AKA Weber Iago).

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