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Amy OlsonI believe we are all unique, and the jewelry we choose to wear is an expression of what defines us. It represents who we are, what we believe, where we’ve been, who we love. It can be a symbol of many things, but it’s the significance of that expression that makes the jewelry truly special. Inspired by my love of nature and travel, my jewelry is designed to make women feel strong, powerful, feminine, and refined. Its subtlety and delicateness never over-power the outfit, or the occasion. The unique gemstones add color and elegance, Amy Olsonwhile the delicate wire-wraps, chains and hand-hammered curves add an understated refinement. They are designed to be mixed and matched, and when worn together, make a beautiful statement. Made in Portland, OR with the finest hand-selected gemstones, warm brass, sterling silver, and gold fill, each piece is hand-sanded and finished with a patina for added detail and quality assurance, also adding a uniqueness to each piece. I truly love the women I meet through this industry and making the jewelry that has established these connections from all over the world. I hope you enjoy wearing my jewelry as I enjoy creating it.

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