Alex Falcone

Alex FalconeAlex Falcone is a comedian and writer living in Portland, OR. He won Portland’s Funniest Person in 2018, which is kindof a big deal. He’s also appeared on the IFC show Portlandia a handful of times and at numerous comedy festivals including Bridgetown, Bumbershoot, Sketchfest, and the Brooklyn Comedy Festival. His writing has been quoted in Rolling Stone, VOX, Boing Boing, and been featured on the front page of Reddit. In 2017, he published his debut novel, a young-adult romance novelAlex Falcone called Unwrap My Heart about a girl who falls in love with a sexy mummy. Publisher’s Weekly called it “unfortunate.” And once, Salt & Straw named an ice cream flavor after him and it was pretty good. Despite these modest accomplishments, I’ve somehow remained totally down to earth and approachable.

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