Trevor Dayley

I love reading. My goal is to read one non-fiction book every week. I love teaching photographers the craft. I’ve done over 30 photo workshops all over the world. I have also spoke 9 times on the stage at large photo conferences teaching photographers the techniques of creating and capturing beautiful light in their photos.
In 2014 and 2016 I was named one of the Top 100 Wedding Photographers in the United States as well as one of the Top 30 Most Influential Photographers in the Industry.
When I am not shooting photos, I love to be with my wife and kiddos. They are truly my best friends!
My sweet wife, Shirley, and I will be celebrating 18 years of marriage in April 2018. We have 6 incredible kids that amaze me everyday. Their names are Katelyn, Anabelle, Elin, Kash, Ace and Emma.
We love to travel together as a family and learn about new cultures. One of our most rewarding trips as a family was visiting the Nivacle Indian Tribe in northern Paraguay and taking pictures and printing photos of families there to leave with them. We love creating memories together as a family!
My sweet mom loved photography and at the age of 11 I too started getting interested. I would look through and admire her portfolio of prints. Eventually my mom taught me how to use her two film cameras and I quickly became passionate about taking great photos. In school I won the “Photographer of the Year” award and had my work featured in a few calendars. In college I foolishly didn’t think you could make a living doing photography so I studied Business Management instead. Blessing in disguise though. 😉
Fortunately after my wife and I had a couple kids I picked up a camera again to document their life in pictures. As soon as I picked up the camera again I couldn’t put it down. I’ve now been shooting weddings full time for over 10 years and have photographed over 300 weddings. I enjoy every single one of them and am so grateful for this incredible career.
This last photo is a perfect summary of my life and my beautiful family. It was taken just after a massive rain storm passed over Walt Disney World. The rain was so bad that they had to shut most of the rides down at the park for a few hours. During this time we enjoyed ourselves indoors watching the different shows running from one theater to another in the rain storm. After the rain cleared in the afternoon the park rides reopened and to our surprise we found ourselves nearly alone in the Park. We made the most of the opportunity and although we were rain drenched we rode as many rides as we could all with no lines. This is a perfect example of the type of life I want to live, always making the most of every situation with a smile no matter what is thrown at you.

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