Pao Carmona

Pao CarmonaI’m Pao – a happy, go lucky kind of girl. I started Pao Carmona Photography in 2012 at the southmost tip of Texas – Brownsville. During this time I have grown from a basic profesional camera, a small studio to top of the line Canon camera, lens and a 3 room photo studio. Time flies with you do what you love. It has been hard work but that hasn’t stopped the drive in me. Passion trumps talent. Throughout the years I have honed my crafted, taking numerous photography workshops in US and Mexico. My drive to improve my passion has also lead to me give my own workshops in the US, Mexico, Chile and Peru. My clients like to call my new studio “The Baby Spa.” Why? Cause we love to pamper you and your babies. We do everything in our power to make this journey stress-free and enjoyable. Pao Carmona Photography is The Valley’s first and only APNPI certified photographer, always at the forefront of our industry, because we love what we do and who we do it for. Those that know me say I was born with a camera in my hand. Photography has been my passion since I was big enough to carry a camera. This passion has turn into my career but has never felt like work. I also love to go antiquing and love to combine my two passions. In my travels I always keep an eye out for unique props to incorporate into my photography. This keeps my art fresh and exciting with every photoshoot. Passion without great customer service is worthless. We pride ourselves in turning our customers to happy clients and happy clients to friends. We love your babies like one of our own and love to see the evolution of your journey as it turns into our family.

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