Melissa Brewer


My parents met in art school, and I can remember visiting museums when my sisters were still in the stroller, holding my dad’s hand while he talked about Rembrandt being the master of light. Many dinnertime conversations led to my parents pulling out their art history books to share different styles and movements with my sisters and I, comparing the light and perspective in the many images contained in those books, and I remember wanting to have all of the knowledge my parents had, plus more. I wanted to be an artist.
As a young teenager, my love for finding light led me to the theater, and I spent years studying Musical Theatre and Opera Performance. I even attended a boarding school for the fine arts for two years, the South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities, where I graduated in 2003. I always love watching the light in my uncle’s slide projector catch dust in the air on its way to displaying an image of my aunt as a baby, or my grandparents as newlyweds, while the rest of the family sits in the dark, transfixed. We do this once every year or so, usually right after gathering everyone in the yard for a large family photo.
After the birth of my two wonderful daughters, my passion for photography and finding light was reignited, and I began my business in 2010 with family portraiture. When I photographed my first wedding, though, I was hooked. In all of the photos in my family’s large collection, the ones that go on the wall and get treasured forever are the ones showing love, whether it’s my grandparents laughing together when they were dating during WWII, my father’s photo of me as a newborn in my mother’s arms, or the many wedding photos from generations of marriages that created the family I’m a part of today.

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