Wendy Nolte

Wendy NolteWhen Wendy Nolte gets a tear, a smile or a big hug after a session or a photo reveal she knows that she has done her job! She wants her kids to be proud of who she is and shows them that no matter where you come from (the projects in Taunton MA) you can always do better, be better and try harder, if you love it do not give up! As a high school senior portrait photographer in Phoenix, Wendy’s passion is to build self confidence, capture and show love, and make friendships through photography. She has done all kinds of photography, but high school seniors have her heart! She also loves to catch loving moments, hugs and gigglesWendy Nolte between amazing families and yes she is a hopeless romantic… a true love story on their special wedding day makes her heart full! Her biggest thing is she wants to make everybody feel like a somebody! A somebody that is worthy, smart, fun, unique, beautiful, empowered, confident, whatever you are or maybe what you don’t know that you are!
A 1600 SF space that is a work in progress. Wendy gets bored and paints a wall and tries to keep things fresh and fun! She uses the studio to do fun and out of the box photo shoots, whether it’s a mommy session on their flower Wendy Noltewall or a beautiful boudoir session on the bed set, it’s a great space to be. Wendy is married to her high school sweetheart. She is a mom to 2 amazing kids! I was a very young mom, in fact right out of highschool, but wouldn’t change it for the world. Her family is her life! She started taking photos of her kids when they were babies and fell in love with it. She didn’t own a good camera for many years, she actually used to use the disposable film cameras. She took photos of her kids all the time, they weren’t good photos by any means but so many cherished memories!Wendy Nolte Once she realized how important documenting these photos she wanted to get a better camera and wanted to learn how to take better photos… She is basically self taught, took some classes and some workshops here and there… and well here she is!
She truly loves any opportunity to be creative and like to try different styles of photography lighting. However, if she had to describe her style she would say it’s fun, unique, authentic, kinda light with a pop of drama. She loves to shoot different angles and always some kind of upside down thing in each session… if that makes sense. She is super relaxed and wants her clients to feel Shubhpujacomfortable and able to be themselves and adds a little twist, love movement as well! Wendy has struggled finding her style in her work and not conforming to what she thinks people want to see and doing what she loves…. she still is searching to find her style and what she loves in studio… it’s a work in progress! She feels like as she grows and learns her style will evolve as well!

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