The Brothers Too

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The Brothers TooThe Brothers Too is a unique dynamic duo featuring brothers Taylor and Davis Graves. They perform a huge range of cover material across decades and genres, and craft the set list skillfully to the reactions and dynamics of the crowd. Trading off on vocals, strings, and drums, they craft a tasty mix of tunes that is complimented by their professional performance and communication, from booking the gig to saying thank you after the event. With a combined gigging experience of over 38 years, they have the skills, talent, personality, class, and sophistication to make your event a huge success.The Brothers Too
Brothers Taylor and Davis Graves are an intense musical duo specializing in Top 40 hits from the 50s to today. They capture a huge range of audience emotions with a wide array of genres, styles, artists, and sounds. They have worked to hone the craft of singing, guitar playing, drumming, looping, and especially entertaining. One can always expect reliable and professional services crafted with care. Amazing parties, weddings, events, celebrations, and venue occasions await. Enjoy anywhere from background grooves to party-driving, powerful hits.

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