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Sam MitchellHi, my name is Sam and I am the violinist that specializes in rock music here in in Phoenix, AZ. I started playing violin in 3rd grade in a public school orchestra. I also sang all through high school and into college. I graduated from NAU with an instrumental music education degree in 2011. I have played with both Flagstaff and NAU symphony orchestras and have experience recording and performing both violin and vocals with many local bands and artists in the Phx/Flagstaff areas. With these classical and no so traditional experiences in mind I’m trying to bring a new twist to what the Sam MitchellViolin can do. I’ve loved rock music from the minute I heard it, just as much as I love my violin, and putting the two together can create some pretty awesome results in my personal opinion. I am currently searching for new bands or projects, please contact me if interested. I now work as a music teacher trying to pay forward some of the years of inspiration that my amazing teachers gave me. I strongly believe that a quality education and opportunities for kids to experience music can make a difference not only in their personal lives, but in our world as a whole. Support the arts in our schools and your local scene!

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