Matt Carter

Matt CarterThroughout his career as one of the top chefs in Phoenix, Chef Matthew Carter has been a driving force for elevating the Phoenix-area food scene. “Phoenix is one of the largest cities in the US but we’re not especially known for good food,” he says. “I want to bring the cuisine I enjoy in other places here, to raise awareness and consciousness around what it means to eat great food.” To that end, Chef Carter crafts unique menus at each of his restaurants that individually and collectively showcase his passion for simple ingredients, expertly prepared and artistically presented. Before rising as one of the top chefs in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Chef Carter figured he’d follow in the family business and pursue a role in the fashion industry. “I spent a lot of time in the back of my parents’ clothing stores, so I always thought I’d go into that,” he says.
Fortunately, that changed when Matt came home from a summer following the English rock band New Model Army across Western Europe and realized he wanted a culinary career. After high school, he’d held a job – just a job, not a calling – as a dishwasher atMatt Carter The Eggery breakfast restaurant in San Diego. He quickly advanced from dishwasher to prep cook to working on the line. So, when he decided cooking was a bonafide career option, he enrolled in and graduated from the Scottsdale Culinary Institute. He worked in a few restaurants but it was still just a job that fit his late-night lifestyle. The defining moment came when Chef Matt walked into Scottsdale’s La Chaumiere. “I could smell the flavors and the cuisine of France and knew that’s what I wanted to pursue.”

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