Lenea Sadler

Lenea SadlerLenea Sadler is a Certified Professional Phoenix Makeup Artist, Licensed Esthetician, Eyelash Extension Artist, and Certified Professional Dermal Artist – Eyebrow Tattoo and Microblading. However, her artistic creativity first took form in music. As a toddler, she would sing at the top of her lungs in the grocery store. She begged for piano lessons at age 5. All this artistry flowed into her current passion for creating beautiful skin and makeup for her clients. Lenea grew up in beautiful northern Arizona. Due to the dry climate (and frequent fishing trips), she learned at an early age just how important it is to take care of her skin. She spent many evenings doing hair and makeup for her high school friends, even starting a few trends at her local high school!Lenea Sadler
Entering college she majored in music with a dream of becoming a contemporary singer/composer. After years of study, Lenea realized her music is part of her soul but should not be her work. All that artistic creativity needed an outlet. That’s when makeup and skin care moved from being a fun hobby to her career. “I really became serious about makeup right after my wedding. I have beautiful wedding photos, but my makeup, although done ‘professionally’ at a counter, was not suitable to my features.” That’s when she learned the importance of professional makeup in wedding photos. “I knew then I had to do something. I need to save bride’s lives by doing their makeup!”
Lenea SadlerAfter graduating from makeup school, Lenea realized she was making a difference in women’s lives, especially the brides who were fortunate enough to be her clients. Her dream became her passion. Women were seeing the best version of themselves and realizing their inner beauty was being drawn out. “Women are especially critical of their physical selves and once they see their natural beauty accentuated, and they have that ‘Wow! I’m beautiful!’ moment, I know I have done my job.” But that’s not all…Lenea recognized there is more to making women feel beautiful than just makeup. She saw skin and facial hair issues that needed to be addressed by a trusted professional. “If I could make them feel awesome using makeup, I started to imagine what could happen if I was able to treat the underlying canvas.”
Those imaginings became reality after graduation from Esthetics school. “ILenea Sadler fell in love with skin! And now, I can treat anyone’s skin and help them have that special ‘moment’ without makeup…and THAT is a beautiful thing!” Lenea is a “real” person with a husband and two sons, a huge fish tank, and the ultimate brat cat, Lady. Makeup and skin care help her get in that ‘girl-time’! She still enjoys playing and singing her music on a regular basis. Her zest for life and fun sense of humor is well-known to her family and friends. That bubbly personality extends to her clients, many of whom have become personal friends.

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