Kevin Caron

Kevin CaronMy first love was for machinery, with its immaculate steel composition and constructed perfection affording orchestrated movement. My education as an artist is also synonymously tied to the byways I have consumed driving an 80,000-pound semi truck and my motorcycle, which frees me to fly close to the Earth. As an artist, I focus on the sensuality of shapes, the gentle rise and fall of their sides and junctures. I download shapes and spaces from my psyche that were already analyzed and conceived before I even knew I wanted to be a sculptor and let my hands become an extension of my mind, very much like I do when I am riding. In my work I seek out illusion in contour and its capacity, treating unusual intersections as purposeful composition.
And although I am still unsure if knowledge is imparted by a creative force rather thanKevin Caron acquired and accumulated through hard work, I believe that even the most commonplace experiences accumulate into unanticipated works of art. My work can be found from New Jersey, to New Orleans, to California and Oregon, and many places in between. Among my more than 40 private and public commissions are public pieces on display in Tucson, Arizona; Chandler, Arizona; Temple, Texas, and Avondale, Arizona. Kevin is represented by Pearson & Company in Scottsdale, Arizona; and Vision Gallery in Chandler, Arizona. I also have an active YouTube channel at where I upload a video each week. See you there!

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