Josh Roy Band

Josh Roy is an American country music recording artist, singer and songwriter from Arizona. If you can imagine, his vocals sound like a mix between Tracy Byrd and Luke Bryan. His voice and ability to write true songs from the heart, are what drive his passion and success in the business. “If you want to be like the best, you need to hang out with the best, watch the best and do what the best does”. This is a quote close to Josh’s heart since he was a child. He wants to improve in his personal and business life everyday, without losing himself in the process. Although talent is an important factor that will drive his progress, his spunky attitude has captured the hearts of all his fans.
Since he was 8 years old, he began singing while; Taking a shower, riding in a car, playing in his bedroom, washing dishes and everything else in-between. That carried on into his construction career at 18 years old. Fellow workers and other trades would hear him belting out songs at job sites and continued asking him “why are you doing construction?!!!” In 2013, Josh Roy began performing his first show at a local restaurant in Glendale, Arizona. That restaurant was the spark he needed to expand his horizons. During that year and into the next, many of the local venues in a 300 mile radius were hearing about him from fans or watching a video of him and booking him for their events.
In 2014, Josh Roy performed on the Jack Daniels Stage at Country Thunder Florence by invitation. This was the biggest crowd he has performed in front of at the time. This did not slow him down. Instead, he was fired up and delivered the best show he had done up to that point. To this day, Josh still sings before, during and after performances because it is his true hearted passion that will never die. Josh Roy began singing karaoke with his mother as a young boy. His biggest influence on his vocals was Bryan White’s album “Love is the Right Place”. His love for Country Music was deep seeded by both his mother’s side and his father’s side of the family that many are musically inclined and love the stories told in song. When he was 18, he began writing songs to get his feet wet. Josh’s writing style is based off 90’s style country music with a modern touch to engage the young listeners.

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