Joey Melinda Morgan

Joey Melinda MorganJoey Melinda Morgan was born, raised and currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona. She earned a BS in Graphic Communications from Arizona State University in 1989 and has steadily worked in the Graphic Arts Industry ever since. A passion for health and nutrition sent her back to school to earn another BS in Nutrition Science in 2010. The persistent desire to elevate herself as a fine artist manifested during the last few years. She has participated in local arts festivals, juried exhibitions, is represented by galleries and has sold to both private and corporate collectors.
Nature and her love of patina metal are strong influences in her work. By combining different mediums with her professional technical computer skills, she has created a unique artistic style that is colorful and captivating. Traveling to places to capture nature’s texture to be used in a future piece is now part of her fervent journey as an artist. She will continue to expand her composite imagery style and techniques – the possibilities are endlessJoey Melinda Morgan as a mixed media artist.
Bringing nature inside through vivid abstraction. I am inspired by the natural world – the hues, contours and textures of canyon walls, sand patterns, stone, tree bark and plant life. We most often admire nature from a distance. It’s an entirely different experience when viewed close up. The intricate detail, shapes and designs are formed biologically or by wind, fire, or water over time. Chemistry also inspires me. The effects of chemical reactions on copper and brass produce an array of striking colors and patterns – I like to say it’s when chemistry becomes ‘art’.
The initial step in my creative process is to create and photograph patina metal. Then I digitally merge that photo with one or more close-up photos of nature. I scale, skew, or distort to enhance the texture detail and depth of the composition. The final composite image is printed on metal, canvas, Joey Melinda Morganpaper or fabric. Nature gives us our most spectacular art forms. I add another dimension, perspective, twist, angle and thought-provoking view while sending the viewer on a visual journey.
Conjuring ideas for a new piece is an explorative, challenging process that I enthusiastically look forward to and welcome. An individual’s journey to serenity is uniquely their own. For me it is the creative process. It comes from within, it cannot be rushed and it evolves as it is nurtured. As long as I can be creative on some level, peace exists within; it feeds my spirit and my soul.

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