Sheena Kaur

I feel each person is passionate for one thing in their life. For me, it is makeup and fashion. As a child, I always took more interest in activities that allowed me to get creative. Art has always inspired me and makeup is a beautiful form of art. So, I pursued my passion towards becoming a makeup artist. I never realized that I could make a huge difference in people’s life until I became a professional makeup artist. It gives me a great sense of achievement and happiness when my clients tell me how much they love my work and how beautiful they feel. Women wearing makeup have always been stereotyped as nothing but a “pretty face” but, I strongly rebuke it. That pretty face belongs to a strong, kind and an incredibly smart woman. Makeup is not a mask to hide one’s identity. Instead it is a tool that makes you feel empowered and confident. Each woman has the right to feel beautiful the way they want to. Some find happiness in buying clothes or jewelry, some find happiness in rejoicing vacations and some find happiness in beautifying themselves. For me, makeup is what I love not what I need.

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