Sharon Lia Band

Sharon Lia BandThe Sharon Lia Band was born in 2013 as the musical outlet for their namesake, Sharon Lia. Accompanied by guitarist Rick Jannotti and drummer Howie Fallon, the band began playing the Philadelphia area and quickly won their first “Breakout Artist” competition in 2014. From there, the band started touring the mid-Atlantic, wowing crowds from New Jersey to New Orleans. Drawing upon influences ranging from Florence + the Machine to Muse and Coldplay, Sharon and her band captivate audiences with her powerhouse octave-leaping vocals, textured piano melodies and driving rock guitars with songs reflecting her baroque pop, mainstream rock and alternative influences. Sharon Lia Band
In an interview with the Huffington Post, Eileen Shapiro praised “her genuine lyrics and sonic innocence and vulnerability…pierces the hearts of her listeners leaving a lifelong impact on those who hear it.” The songwriting and performances are real, genuine and relatable. The next three years would also see Sharon found her charitable foundation “Ladies Who Rock 4 A Cause”, a music-driven organization inspired by her own battle with cancer. In 2017 Sharon was named 2017 Pop/Contemporary Artist of the Year at the prestigious Josie Music Awards in Nashville, TN. At the same time the band entered the studio and began Sharon Lia Bandrecording new material with Grammy-nominated and multi-platinum engineer and producer David Ivory (Halestorm, Silvertide, The Roots).
Ivory would go on to praise the band by saying “I love working with Sharon, her vocals are stellar and her songwriting is contagious. Awesome eclectic, piano driven progressive pop!” From their collaborations with Ivory came their single “Anomie”, Sharon Lia’s most raw song to date, released January 2018. The band hit the road soon after with an opening slot for national-touring indie rockers Lydia in Albany, NY, two sets at the Firefly Music Festival in Dover, DE and a slot at the Ladybug Festival. Later they released their next single, a tongue-in-cheek take on the pop genre entitled “Thirty Dirty Secrets” about datingSharon Lia Band in the modern world, with both singles being considered for a Grammy®.
They are planning to release powerful tune entitled “Why Can’t We Pretend?” in early 2019. Sharon was named “Best Female Artist of the Year” at the Josie Music Awards in September 2018 and continue to hone their craft and connect with audiences. best alternative songs If it’s true that past is prologue, then the future indeed looks bright….

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