Megan Stover

Megan StoverBorn and raised in Los Angeles with an artist father, I was brought up in a craftperson’s lifestyle. I first entered a ceramics studio when I was five years old. It quickly escalated and became one of my favorite pass-times. My grandmothers on both sides as well as my mother and sister all did pottery. It’s in my blood. The support, inspiration and guidance I was surrounded with growing up proved invaluable. As I grew to appreciate the interconnectedness that ceramics had in my life I began to see the world as malleable as clay. Clay has a unique level ofMegan Stover customizability and possibility that allows me to evolve as an artist endlessly. Ceramics feeds my passion to create in both 2D and 3D. Both the surface and the form can drastically change it’s functionality and design. I find ceramics to be one of the most tactile arts and strive to create something that is functional, comfortable and personal to each person that holds it. To add a personal touch and attention to detail I carve a signature ring of petals around the foot on each and every piece. My journey through the ceramics arts has no end in sight and will continue to evolve as I do.

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