Megan Shoemaker-Rivkin

Megan Shoemaker-RivkinMegan Shoemaker-Rivkin is the creator and designer of Mosette Jewelry. In 2009 she earned a degree in Fine Art from the Tyler School of Art. Following her time at Tyler, she pursued a career as a designer on Jeweler’s Row in Philadelphia. For ten years she’s been specializing in Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Rapid Prototyping using advanced machinery such as CNC mills and 3D printers. Four years ago she founded Mosette Jewelry. Mosette specializes in creating jewelry that speaks to the identity of its customers.Megan Shoemaker-Rivkin Mosette’s philosophy is jewelry should always express who you are, and represent your lifestyle and the people you love. “I’ve dedicated my career to the art of jewelry design. I’m passionate about my company because it provides me the opportunity to create sentimental pieces that my customers love and cherish. One of my favorite projects is taking old jewelry and gemstones and redesigning them into something new that my customers with again wear all while honoring their loved ones.”

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