KYLE HERRINGKyle Herring is a singer/songwriter born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina and has relocated to the Philadelphia area. Blending his relaxed, soulful southern sound with aggressive lyrics and pop sensibility, Kyle has created music that listeners everywhere can feel. Drawing influences from a range of artists such as Edwin McCain, Butch Walker (formally of the Marvelous 3) and Jeff Buckley, Kyle has found a sound all his own. His latest recordings prove his ability as a storyteller and musician.KYLE HERRING
When asked why he chose this profession, Kyle explains that, his teenage years were kind of rough just like any others, but when he was 15 he was taken to his first concert. While watching the band he completely forgot about everything else in the world. All of his problems and worries… everything. All that mattered to him was what was happening on stage. If he can recreate that feeling for other people for an hour or so, there is nothing better than that.
Currently Kyle is performing as a solo acoustic act throughout the Philadelphia area. While successfully establishing himself as a local artist he continues writing and growing as a singer, songwriter and performer. Without a doubt, Kyle Herring proves he has the potential to become a household name.

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