Jessica Hendrix

Jessica HendrixJessica Hendrix is a Philadelphia wedding photographer and her Photography has been an incredibly inspiring gift that has connected her to the lives of so many amazing individuals she never would have met otherwise. She is thankful for every step she’s taken and the people she’s met along the way. The bonds she’s made. The images she’s created. Only they’re so much more.
Jessica still cries during the father-daughter dance. A bride getting into her dress always gives her butterflies. When your grandma does the dougie, she wants to squeeze her because old people are the cutest. Weddings are powerful and each one leaves it’s mark. What Jessica does is extremely personal, and that’s how it should be. This is about your love, what makes you soar, what makes you inseparable! Working together closely is the ideal way for us to create amazing images.Jessica Hendrix
Together, we are home. So much of her story includes the life and home she and Adam have created together. Home is a feeling we find only in each other and our girls. It’s the feeling of comfort, vulnerability, and inspiration. We challenge each other to be the best version of ourselves. Never stop learning from each other. And always stay humble and kind.  It’s an incredible honor to get to know couples who are just at the beginning of their greatest adventure, and together, we get to create something beautiful, powerful, honest and authentic.  What an amazing gift it is when couples connect with her work and are comfortable letting her into their world in all it’s perfect imperfectness. The real stuff, the in-betweens. Whatever it is that makes you two, you.
The studio serves the Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York areas as well as destination weddings all over the world.

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