Jesse Buxton

Jesse BuxtonA potter from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Jesse has had an obsession with clay for three years. He is a graduate of Saint Joseph’s University with a degree in Studio Art and History. Jesse’s interest in history informs his passion for pots, as he aims to bring his own take on classical forms and exploring surface through different firings. My strong interest in history informs my work in ceramics. The shards left behind act as physical evidence of ancient cultures. From pots left behind, we can learn how people used them for utilitarian purposes and also track aesthetic trends. I am interested in integrating features from historical vessels into a more contemporary context. My work is an expression of my experiencesJesse Buxton and taps into the material culture that has been created by those before me.
My contemporary influences include Carl Cunningham-Cole, Svend Bayer, and Ben Carter in his podcast Tales of a Red Clay Rambler, which introduced me to the close-knit clay community. As far as material culture from the antiquity, Greek and Roman pots have particularly held my interest. These pots have also impacted the forms that I create to a great extent. Specifically, the ancient Pithos, or storage jars associated with Greece from the Bronze and Iron ages that held food and store liquids are an exceptional display of technical achievement and necessary function. These massive forms make the audience wonder what is contained within and marvel at the sheer volume of the jars.
My process for making includes creating composite vessels, or vessels made up of many Jesse Buxtonbuilding blocks. This is done by using the wheel as a tool to create inventive features for traditional parts of a vessel. I am also experimenting with the Onggi method of throwing coils, allowing me to make larger work and presenting an intense technical challenge. These methods allow one to play with proportions and experiment with ancient Greek proportionate ideals. I aim to bring my own creative take on traditional notions of beauty and proportions. I strive to master the technical ability and blend historical references with my own artistic voice.

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