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Jazmin RaeJazmin Rae Makeup LLC, owned by the award winning makeup artist Jazmin Rae, is Philadelphia’s boutique beauty collective. Visit us at our conveniently located studio in the heart of Old City, Philadelphia. We offer customized hair and makeup styling services at our studio, or on-location wherever you are located. Our associates are personally trained by Jazmin Rae to ensure our beauty beliefs, aesthetic, and skill remain consistent. With a makeup and hair team that is highly specialized and trained, you will be certain to love each artist and walk away happy every single time. Let us work with you to create a look that is perfect and unique just for you!
In the last decade, Jazmin’s experience has taken her on many great and rewarding adventures. She has been a master makeup artist on some of Philadelphia’s most prestigious bridal beauty teams. She has also had the pleasure of working with some prestige clients’ marketing campaigns, such as Visit Philly, Boscovs, BHLDN, Safian and Rudolph Jewelers. In Jazmin’s extensive career, she has worked in different areas of both the media and fashion industries, including print, television, and film. She has consistently partnered with designers such as Rebeca Imperiano and Victoria Wright to provide hair and makeup styling for online marketing. Her career has also been bolstered by a client list that includes ROZES, Erica Lundmark, Dateline NBC, and Doris Kearns Goodwin, among many other celebrities.
Though she loves working with these industries and individuals, Jazmin’s main passion lies in creating a once-in-a-lifetime experience for brides on their wedding day. To cater to each and every individual, Jazmin’s work begins with a multi-step personal tailoring assessment which gives every client the best skin prep and makeup application for their personal skin type, tone, and texture. This is always a rewarding process that isn’t justJazmin Rae about eyeliner and lipstick — it’s about learning, enrichment, relaxation and, of course, fun. Jazmin currently offers hair + makeup services for print and video work, makeup for weddings, and permanent makeup at two different locations in PA.

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