Drew began painting back in March of 2016. He was looking for a creative outlet to help me deal with some hardships he was facing. He started by painting a single tree on a 10×12 inch canvas. He was so proud of this little awkward creation he had made and was intrigued to learn what else he was capable of. What started as a hobby transformed into a passion that has completely changed his life. He has made new friends, found new opportunities, and has a new outlook on life. He still keeps that little tree painting hanging in his bedroom as a humble reminder of where this all started. He couldn’t be more grateful to have found his passion and to be able to share it with the world! Drew’s biggest inspiration is color. He loves experimenting with different color palettes and deriving new emotions from them. His niche technique is fluid art, which is a very wet and messy process. This hands-on method makes for a very dynamic and interactive painting experience; which really gets my his flowing while he works. The paint is in constant motion as is he and when it dries the paintings often look like they are still moving. His goal is to make each piece exude the energy and life that is put into them.

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