Butch Foley


I opened a flower shop in Philadelphia over 36 years ago. I have a passion for plants, flowers and everything about the flower business. I fell in love with flowers when I first started working as a florist. I decided to start working as a florist full time and even went as far as opening up my own flowershop in Philadelphia. I have lived in Philadelphia all of my life. Philly is a great city to live in and even to buy flowers. Flowers make the perfect gift for any occasion and flowers make everyone happy, which is why I love owning a flower shop in Philadelphia. We are a well known florist in center city Philadelphia which makes it easy to sell lots of flowers and plants. I have always loved being a florist. I have learned so much about life and people while being a florist. I have acquired so much knowledge over the years about both plants and flowers. If you’re looking for a great florist in Philadelphia look no more. Not only do we have a love for flowers, but we also have a passion and love for our customers. Customer service is our specialty.

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