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Amber JohnstonOver the last 20 years I have been a practicing artist of many mediums, including ceramics and dance, receiving my MFA in photography in 2009. Through it all, love and connection has been the thread that ties my work together. Stories of love and devotion inspire my work as an artist and as a portrait photographer.

Outside of my artistic endeavors, I am an explorer of the great outdoors and I love scouting new locations for those hidden spots that become the backdrop for your treasured memories. ??I’m not afraid to climb mountains or tromp through Dewey meadows to get the perfect shot.

Amber JohnstonI see marriage as a sacred contract, as activism for those who have not been allowed to show their love in the past. As an opportunity to elevate and display the bond and the growth that exists between two individuals. I see my role as photographer, as the “unexpected family member,” the photographic note taker, that documents your bond and the story of your love.

Amber JohnstonI am inspired by the small gestures throughout the day of your wedding, fathers telling sweet stories about their daughters, best friends telling jokes from the good old days, or catching your mother’s quiet tears as vows are exchanged. Through photography, I become a conduit for these memories, making them tangible, real, and lasting.

With a focus on the narrative, I tell your epic love story without words. Capturing the connection between you and your beloved, and the connections of your friends and family that have supported, and will continue to support you, long into the future.

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